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Today I Was “That” Mom March 12, 2015

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Today I was that mom.

I was the mom who added time to your shopping trip because my toddler was trailing behind me on her own two feet.

I was the mom who almost bumped into your cart 3 times because I forgot which isle the diapers were in.

I was the mom with the crying toddler that offered to buy her cookies.

I was the mom who did not buy the cookies because my child hit me.

I was the mom talking on her cell phone while her child screamed hysterically.

I was the mom who was carrying a toddler in one arm and pushing the cart with the other.

I was the mom who bought multiple frozen meals.

I was the mom of the child who bit open two packages of Doritos in the check out line.


Today I was that mom.

I was the mom who was so proud that her toddler was walking.

I was the mom who was up all night with the toddler.

I was the mom who cared that her toddler was overstimulated and thought cookies might help.

I was the mom who was confident enough to carry out discipline in the presence of others.

I was the mom who was on the phone sorting out an urgent situation with my child’s school.

I was the mom who smiled to hold back tears as I passed the other mom with toddler in one arm and cart in the other.

I was the mom with 3 small children who feels that in a month which is too chaotic, my time is better spent loving them than cooking gourmet meals.

I was the mom of the child that was hungry and tired and had behaved her best in an adult situation.

I was the mom rocking out in the car with her toddler because that is how she unwinds.

I was the mom who sat in her driveway because her toddler was sleeping.

I was the mom who was too hard on herself . . . and we have all been that mom.


Whoever you are, whatever your story may be and whatever kind of mom you are at the moment I encounter you, I love you. Your children love you. God loves you. You are the perfect mom for your children.




Pumping Tips September 24, 2012

Pumping can be so challenging and not fun! I have pumped for 3 children; I have changed a few techniques and most importantly changed my attitude. My milk can literally letdown at the sight of my pump now – with my first child I could never letdown. In addition to this I have found that my body responds differently to different types/brands of pumps, so I needed to find what worked for me. I hope a few of the tips I have learned can help others!

-Comfie chair and relaxing atmosphere

-Coconut oil on nipples for lubrication

-Hands free pumping bra

-Embracing the experience and becoming one with the pump

-Massaging/compressing breasts and tilting flanges in all directions while pumping

-Once the milk stops flowing:

-Massage/compress breasts all the way back to my armpits

-Shake breasts while leaning forward

-Manually or hand express for a few minutes

-Pump again until a few minutes after the milk stops flowing (tells you body to make more milk)

-Then take your time sitting there with your breasts hanging out…take your time putting your pump parts back away and the milk you pumped. Smell it and look at it and imagine your baby drinking it. Keep your pump where you can see throughout the day, even when not pumping. Look at it and think how amazing it is that it enables you to provide your human milk to your baby. A lot of pumping is attitude . . . relaxing and getting good letdowns and growing to love and appreciate the experience helps so much.

 My 3 year old has seen me pump so many times he can put the flanges etc. together by himself!